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TravelStool™ - Portable Telescoping Stool

TravelStool™ - Portable Telescoping Stool

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"Since my operation on my leg I find it painful to stand for any length of time. This folding stool is a godsend. I carry it with me everywhere, and slip it out any time I need to wait on a line or just need to sit and rest. It is lightweight, a cinch to set up or to collapse, and easily holds my weight. I especially like how quickly I can collapse it and stow it away - bus drivers don't like to wait. I have recommended this to my friends."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jeremy Brown
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Standing or walking for extended periods of time can often cause stiffness and pain in the knees or back. The discomfort and pain can impact not only the enjoyment of daily activities but also affects productivity and functionality. It can be frustrating when pain and discomfort make it difficult to fully enjoy activities.

Introducing TravelStool™, a portable collapsible stool designed for on-the-go comfort and convenience. TravelStool™ utilizes telescoping design elements for easy storage and transport, it also offers adjustable height options and robust construction ensuring solid support and comfort for all sizes and weights. Experience improved mobility and comfort, making it easier to sit wherever and whenever needed.


✅ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: The product's versatile adjustable length & retractable design, which can be adjusted to the desired height ranging from 2.36 to 17.2 inches with 12 positions that can be chosen based on your usage scenario for various tasks. This feature, eliminates the need to switch between tools, saving time and effort.

✅ COMFORTABLE HANDLE: With a 22-inch strap that’s comfortable to hold, TravelStool™ is easy to carry. The strap allows for carrying in hands, on the shoulder or even tying it to a backpack, providing a hands-free option & a comfortable seating solution for all outdoor activities.


✅ ROBUST & STURDY: TravelStool™ is built with a unique fish scale structure consisting of 120 segments, allowing for a solid & flexible foundation. The capacity of this stool to sustain more than 400lbs of weight makes it both a safe & stable seating option for a variety of activities.

✅ PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made of high-quality materials, TravelStool™ is designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring long-lasting durability. As a result, it may be utilized for various jobs without fear of stool breaking, making it a reliable & practical seating solution.


✅ COMPACT SIZE: With a compact size & lightweight design of 2.36 Inches and 2.53 pounds TravelStool™ is easy to carry and store. This makes it portable, so you can sit comfortably & work or relax anywhere, whether you're gardening, camping, or attending an outdoor event.


1. Open the stool & grasp the holes on both sides of the stool.

2. Pull apart to reach the desired height.

3. Then make a slight turn to lock the height.

We understand how uncomfortable it can be to stand for long periods of time. It can be frustrating to stand for a prolonged period without finding a seat in places like airports, public transportation or events. According to an American Osteopathic Association study standing for long periods can cause fatigue in up to 90% of people, including travelers, event attendees, airport passengers, etc.

TravelStool™ provides a comfortable and stylish portable seating anytime, anywhere. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry, and its retractable & adjustable features allow to customize it to the preferred height & comfort level. With TravelStool™, sit easily and comfortably whenever and wherever needed and finally experience on-the-go comfort.


SIZE: 9.64 X 17.32 INCHES


1x TravelStool™


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