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SousPro™ - Modern Sous Vide Cooker

SousPro™ - Modern Sous Vide Cooker

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Sous vide seems intimidating at first, until you try it. This product is so easy and simple to use, you literally set it and forget it. For beef this allows the enzymatic action to work its magic in tenderizing, which makes for amazing tenderness. Finish off in an oven conventionally or get a large torch to sear. 100% would recommend!
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Navigating through the art of cooking often involves the complex challenge of striking a balance between flavor and technique. Reaching the perfect texture and doneness in dishes, particularly when dealing with meats emerges as a significant and common hurdle. This situation often leads to less-than-ideal outcomes, fueling frustration and inhibiting creative potential in the kitchen.

Introducing SousPro™, the game-changing sous vide immersion circulator that revolutionizes home cooking. By utilizing an advanced heating and water circulation mechanism, it enables precise cooking, resulting in unmatched consistency and perfection. The resulting dishes embody perfection, thereby transforming everyday meals into memorable culinary experiences and instilling confidence in the kitchen.



CONSISTENT RESULTS: SousPro™ delivers unparalleled consistency by circulating hot water for even cooking. This level of uniformity provides each part of the food with the same tenderness and juiciness paving the way for consistently top-notch, restaurant-quality meals.

EASE OF USE: Despite employing sophisticated technology, SousPro™ is characterized by its operational simplicity. This user-friendly design brings even the most complex cooking techniques within reach, encouraging culinary creativity and skill improvement.

Intelligent Design: SousPro™ features easy-to-use LCD touch controls, accurate temperature settings, and a long max timer. This smart technology facilitates maintaining precise control over the cooking process, ensuring perfectly cooked meals with each use.

VERSATILITY: The capabilities of SousPro™ extend across a diverse range of cooking tasks. It proves equally adept at handling a wide variety of ingredients, thus broadening the horizon of culinary exploration.

HEALTHIER MEALS: SousPro™ promotes healthier cooking by significantly reducing the need for excessive fats and oils. This subtle shift usher in an era of mouthwatering yet health-conscious meals.



We understand that the struggle to achieve perfect consistency and doneness in your dishes can be a significant obstacle in your cooking journey. It can be frustrating when attempting to recreate that melt-in-your-mouth steak you savored at your favorite restaurant or those tender veggies that seemed to burst with flavor. According to recent studies, 60% of home chefs struggle with achieving the ideal texture and flavor in their meals.

SousPro™, the perfect solution for achieving precise and hassle-free cooking results. Employing an advanced mechanism for heating and circulating water, it enables precision cooking at exact temperatures, allowing for perfectly done steak and more, right at home. Experience the transformative shift in the culinary landscape, replacing guesswork with confidence and turning meals into delightful and memorable experiences. 



SIZE: 1.97"D x 1.97"W x 9.92"H
WEIGHT: 3.03 pounds


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