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PureGlow™ - Nano Ionic Face Steamer

PureGlow™ - Nano Ionic Face Steamer

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“I AM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS! When doing facials at home (way more cost effective since times are tough), it is so luxurious.. reminds me of the facials I get for my birthday at the Peppermill in Reno, Ca.. same steam consistency and temperature. I love the headband that comes with it too!! The Velcro doesn’t pluck my hair and actually stays on. Overall this is worth it.”
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Displaying a radiant glow and clear skin, while desirable, is not always easily achieved. Pollution, dirt, and accumulated oils can clog pores and cause acne, leading to a dull complexion and visible blemishes. Achieving clear and radiant skin can often lead to frustration and disappointment, especially when results are difficult to attain despite relentless efforts.

Introducing PureGlow™, a nano ionic facial steamer designed for deep skin cleansing. Utilizing advanced nano ionic vaporization technology, it enhances skin penetration for a thorough and deep cleanse, combating skin impurities and promising a clearer and healthier complexion. Experience the newfound confidence of having a visibly healthier and clearer complexion.


Advanced Nano Ionic Technology: PureGlow™ utilizes nano ionic vaporization technology to activate water molecules, creating ultra-fine steam. This technology enhances the steam's absorption by the skin, providing a deep, effective cleanse, leaving the skin radiant and refreshed.

Comprehensive Blackhead Removal: Through its Nano Ionic Vaporization Technology, PureGlow™ employs warm moisture to eliminate blackheads, dirt, oil, dead skin, and other impurities. This results in deeply cleansed skin, significantly reducing visible blemishes and enhancing the skin's overall texture.

Aromatherapy Option: Going beyond skincare, PureGlow™ features an essential oil steaming function. This not only imbues the surrounding ambiance with a soothing aroma but also allows the skin to absorb the essence, adding a personalized touch to the skincare routine.

Tailored Experience: Offering an extendable arm and 360° rotatable sprayer, PureGlow™ ensures a spa-like experience tailored to specific needs. These adjustable features provide the utmost comfort and relaxation for an optimal steaming session.

Ease of Use: With PureGlow™, experiencing a professional-quality facial treatment at home has never been simpler. Just by adding water, connecting the power, and turning on the steam switch, a luxurious facial spa is ready within 3-5 minutes, offering convenience like never before.



We understand the struggle that comes with maintaining clear and healthy skin. It can be frustrating to wake up to a fresh day, yet be greeted by skin that looks tired, dulled, and burdened by the accumulation of dirt, pollution, and impurities. A recent study shows that approximately 70% of people grapple with maintaining skin cleanliness.

PureGlow™ is the perfect solution to ensure skin cleanliness and effective blemish control. It offers a deep cleanse, tackling breakouts, blackheads, and blemishes, while transforming routine skincare into a spa-like ritual. Discover the path to clean, radiant skin by turning everyday self-care into a comprehensive cleansing routine.



Size: 11 x 7 x 7 inches
Weight: 2.89 Pounds


1x PureGlow™
1x Spa Headband
1x Pimple pooper toolkit
1x Water tank brush


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