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ProGolf™ - Swing Detection Golf Practice Mat

ProGolf™ - Swing Detection Golf Practice Mat

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"Simple but accurate feedback when practicing your swing indoors. Gives immediate feedback so you know where your swing is bottoming, club path, etc. I have been practicing a swing for a long time and didn’t realize I was still coming a little out to in until I bought this mat. Well worth the money!!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ethan A.
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In the realm of golf, where the swing serves as the cornerstone of skill and performance, mastering this art requires precision, technique, and consistent practice. However, trying to determine improvement without clear feedback turns perfecting a swing into guesswork, as it's unclear which areas need refinement. Experiencing a poor swing can lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment, causing doubts about the possibility of improvement.

Introducing ProGolf™ a cutting-edge practice tool designed specifically for beginner golfers. Crafted from high-quality heavy-duty rubber backing, ProGolf™ provides real-time feedback and advanced directional detection features that instantly analyze and understand swing paths, thereby facilitating the recognition and correction of any swing inaccuracies. Achieve remarkable results and experience the benefits of swing practice and improvement anywhere, anytime.



✅ Enhanced Stability & Durability: ProGolf™ utilizes a high-quality heavy-duty rubber backing, providing enhanced stability. This ensures it stays securely in place, providing a stable surface that eliminates distractions and allows more focus on the swing.

Versatile Practice Anywhere: Unleash the versatility of ProGolf™ and practice golf anytime, anywhere. With its easy setup for indoor & outdoor training sessions, it ensures consistent improvement and uninterrupted practice.

Instant Visual Feedback: ProGolf™, provides immediate visual feedback on the swing path. As each shot is taken, the path of the swing becomes visible, allowing for analysis and necessary adjustments, leading to improved shot consistency.

Time & Cost Savings: Save valuable time and money by practicing with ProGolf™. This removes the need for frequent golf course visits, enabling more focused practice and faster skill development, all while saving money.

User-Friendly Design: ProGolf™ is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to set up and use, even for beginners. Simply roll it out, step up, and start practicing right away, fostering immediate, barrier-free practice sessions for optimal effectiveness.


We understand the frustrations that come with limited opportunities to practice golf and the desire to improve your game. It can be frustrating when the lack of precise feedback in correcting swing faults hinders your accuracy and distance, leaving you feeling stuck in a relentless cycle of trial and error, unable to make significant progress in your game. According to recent studies, up to 90% of golfers struggle with swing faults that negatively impact their game.

ProGolf™ is the perfect solution for enhancing golfing skills and mastering the art of precision & consistency. With ProGolf™, a practice area can be set up in the convenience of any location, benefiting from its advanced features that allow for practicing swings, receiving instant feedback, and making necessary adjustments for improved technique. Unlock true potential and ascend to a new level of golfing pleasure, witnessing rapid and clear improvement firsthand.


PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: ‎16.14 x 12.2 x 0.78 inches
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