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HealLume™ - LLLT Laser Therapy Device

HealLume™ - LLLT Laser Therapy Device

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My cat ruptured her CCL and couldn't walk on it. After months with no improvement and various treatments like Reiki on her knee regularly to promote blood flow to the area. I knew the going would be slow, but I was hopeful After a couple months she still could barely put pressure on it. I came across cold laser therapy and ordered this device. After only the third 30-minute treatment, she was able to walk! I'm so grateful that I ordered this.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Leila M.
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For countless pets, chronic pain is an unwelcome daily challenge that disrupts playtime, rest, and special bonding moments. Traditional veterinary treatments often come with their own complications, leaving pet parents increasingly frustrated and concerned. It can be frustrating when chronic pain and discomfort disrupt playtime and rest, for both pets and caregivers.

Introducing HealLume™, a Cold Laser Therapy Device precisely engineered to channel cold laser light deeply into a cat's tissues for rapid relief. Using specific wavelengths, not only alleviates symptoms but also stimulates cellular healing and tissue recovery. Let your cat experience a significant reduction in pain, making their daily activities more enjoyable and free from the shadow of discomfort.


EASY OPERATION: Designed with an intuitive interface, Heallume™ is accompanied by a user-friendly guide. This ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to navigate the device with minimal effort and reducing the learning curve.

VERSATILE HOME THERAPY: Precision-engineered for compact size and ease of use, Heallume™ is suitable for home usage. Its user-friendly design makes therapeutic relief for cats readily accessible at home, eliminating the need for frequent vet visits.

HIGH-POWER RED LIGHT: Heallume™ is equipped with a potent combination of 650nm and 808nm diodes. This powerful mix delivers optimal healing energy directly to the cat's pain points, facilitating faster relief.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: With its compact design and featherweight build, Heallume™ stands as an ideal companion for at-home or travel use. It's portability ensures immediate therapeutic relief wherever needed, making pain relief more accessible.

ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Heallume™ comes with flexible settings featuring four power levels, two working modes, and a diverse timing range. This flexibility allows for the tailoring of therapy to specific needs, ensuring optimal efficacy and comfort for each session.


We understand how stressful it can be to watch your beloved cat struggle with chronic pain or discomfort. Your feline friend might attempt to jump onto their favorite windowsill or initiate a playful chase after a toy, but their movements are noticeably restricted by stiffness or pain. According to recent veterinary studies, arthritis and chronic pain affect over 25% of adult cats, impacting not only their mobility but also their quality of life.

With Heallume™, rediscover what it means to see a cat leap, play, and explore with ease. Designed with pioneering LLLT Cold Laser technology, Heallume™ penetrates deep into the source of the pain—targeting cells, rejuvenating them, and kick-starting the body's natural healing process. Experience the joy of witnessing activities, each day serving as a testament to genuine relief and a renewed sense of vitality.



Size: 11 x 9.37 x 3.7 inches
Weight: 4.28 Pounds


1x HealLume™
1x Protective eyewear
1x USB Cord
1x Power Adapter Plug
1x User Manual


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