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EasyClean™ - Electric Spin Scrubber

EasyClean™ - Electric Spin Scrubber

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“Cleaning the grout has been painful in my experience, I have tile flooring pretty much all over my house, hurts my knees and back every time to get them all cleaned(white). After 1st try on this electric brush, I’m loving it! It’s quick and effective, and the extendable handle saved my knees and back! Truly helpful for deep cleaning and super easy! I only wish I could have this sooner!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Katherine Davis
✅ Verified Buyer


Cleaning kitchen or bathroom floors can be backbreaking work that requires a lot of effort and energy. Bending down to scrub can cause strain on the back and body, leading to a feeling of exhaustion and soreness. It can be frustrating and challenging trying to clean the floors while dealing with back and knee pain and neglecting them can lead to dirt buildup.

Introducing EasyClean™ the perfect solution for quick and easy floor cleaning. It has an adjustable extension handle that allows for cleaning floors without putting any strain on the back or body as well as interchangeable brush heads for specific cleaning needs. With EasyClean™ enjoy easy and effective cleaning without back pain and the hassle of traditional cleaning methods.


✅ ADJUSTABLE SPEED & EXTENSION: With adjustable extension and 2-speed modes with a power of 25W and a maximum rotating speed of 400RPM. EasyClean™ improves flexibility and power for cleaning surfaces, ensuring a faster, easier, and more thorough cleaning.

✅ REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEADS: EasyClean™ comes with 7 replaceable brush heads to meet specific cleaning needs. With this versatile feature, all types of spots can be effortlessly cleaned, from flat surfaces to edges, corners, and other narrow areas, providing a cost-effective & eco-friendly cleaning solution.

✅ WATERPROOF DESIGN: With IP54 waterproofing, EasyClean™ offers superior protection against water entry, ensuring reliable functionality even in wet conditions. This makes it a perfect solution for cleaning bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor surfaces without any worries.

✅ BACK PAIN RELIEF: EasyClean™ helps eliminate the need to bend down and scrub, thereby reducing the risk of strain on your back. With EasyClean™, Experience relief from back pain and enjoy a comfortable and pain-free cleaning experience.

✅ LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Equipped with a 2500mAh high-rate battery that will fully charge in 3 hours, EasyClean™ provides 1.5 hours of continuous use. Easily finish cleaning tasks at hand without interruption and without worrying about the battery running out while cleaning.

✅ PREMIUM MATERIALS: Crafted from premium materials, EasyClean™ is built to last, ensuring its durability and longevity for all your cleaning needs. So it is completely reliable and won't break down or wear out quickly, providing a reliable cleaning solution.


We understand the physical strain and discomfort that people face when they have to bend down for long periods of time while cleaning or scrubbing causing severe back pain. You may have experienced this when trying to clean your bathtub or even your tile grout. In fact, according to recent studies, more than 80% of adults suffer from back pain due to bending and cleaning.

Introducing EasyClean™, the perfect solution for people who suffer from back pain due to bending and cleaning. EasyClean™ comes with adjustable extensions and replaceable brush heads that make cleaning a breeze, eliminating the need to bend or stoop down, saving your back from unnecessary strain. With EasyClean™ enjoy improved quality of life and a pain-free cleaning experience.




1x EasyClean™
7x Replaceable Brush Heads
2x Extend Rods
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual


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