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ClearView™ - Magnetic Window Cleaner

ClearView™ - Magnetic Window Cleaner

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"We live in a 4th-floor condo with the exterior of the windows having not been cleaned in at least 5 years. Then the exterior of the building was pressure cleaned with the wall dirt washing onto the windows making them extremely dirty. I am so happy to be able to say that this tool did an awesome job."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Emilia Graham
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Cleaning windows on higher levels of a house or apartment is a challenging task. Requiring to use a ladder to clean the exterior of the windows can be hazardous. It can be frustrating and nerve-wracking to attempt to clean windows on higher levels without the assurance of safety.

ClearView™ offers a safe and convenient solution for high-rise window cleaning. Its double-sided feature allows simultaneous cleaning of both the outer & inner sides, eliminating the need for traditional methods like ladders. Enjoy the satisfaction of a clearer view and fully appreciate the world around.


5 MAGNETISM LEVELS: ClearView™ offers 5 levels of magnetism to suit a wide range of glass thicknesses, ranging from 4-30mm. This feature makes ClearView™ effective & efficient for cleaning different window types with the right magnetic force.

SAFETY ROPE: ClearView™ comes with a 2.5m long & bold safety rope. This safety rope provides a secure and stable cleaning experience, allowing to clean the outside of the window with ease and with the assurance of safety.

IMPROVED CLEANING EFFICIENCY: ClearView™ has 6 sponges made up of soft, highly absorbent & non-abrasive material. These sponges protect the glass from scratches & increase cleaning efficiency by over 60%.

EASY REACH: ClearView™ features a distinctive triangular design. Its design allows it to effectively clean tight spaces and corners of windows, ensuring thorough cleaning that leaves no dirt or grime behind.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: ClearView™ utilizes ultra-strong neodymium iron boron magnets, scouring pads, and rubber strips for durability. This results in streak-free windows all year round, providing a practical & reliable solution.


1. Dip the sponges on both sides in detergent and wring out excess water.

2. Attach the safety rope to the hand Match both ClearView™ pieces and adjust the knob to match the glass thickness.

3. After cleaning, turn the magnetic force to level one by shaking towards the knob and Store the magnetic cleaner with a plastic separator between the magnetic parts.

We understand how difficult it is to clean the exterior of windows, especially in high-rise buildings or apartments. Spending hours trying to reach every corner of the exterior windows can undoubtedly lead to frustration. A recent study shows that the average cost of hiring a professional window cleaner for a high-rise building is around $250-$500, which can be a significant expense.

With the magnetic window cleaner, say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning windows and effortlessly achieve sparkling clean windows. ClearView™ not only helps cleaning windows effectively but also gives a sense of confidence and peace of mind while doing so. With ClearView™ experience satisfaction and, ensure spotlessly clean windows.


SIZE: 6.26 X 3.94 X 4.88 INCHES



1x A Pair Of Clear View™

6x Sponges

1x Anti-falling Rope


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