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CarGlow™ - Car Visor Mirror

CarGlow™ - Car Visor Mirror

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“I use mine to get ready in my vehicle before going to work while I’m parked, and it’s definitely worth every penny. Holds a charge for a long time, easy installation, brightness settings, and a very clean reflection"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Reagan Olivo
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Applying makeup on the go can be challenging due to poor lighting in car vanity mirrors. This can disrupt the makeup routine, causing a surge of uncertainty and doubt about the on-the-go look. Experiencing unsatisfactory makeup results can lead to feeling self-conscious and less confident, which can ruin the whole day.

CarGlow™ is a car visor mirror with powerful 3 LED lighting options that enhance visibility. It is the ultimate solution for flawless on-the-go makeup application when in a rush. Experience the luxury of having a professional makeup set-up in the car and enjoy the confidence of perfect makeup on the go.



3 LED OPTIONS: CarGlow™ has 3 LED light modes, bright white, warm white, and warm for different needs. This adjustable brightness help to suit different desired lighting needs for makeup. 
 EASY TO INSTALL: CarGlow™ is designed for easy installation onto the car, requiring no technical expertise or complex setup. Simply strap on to the car's existing sun visor and there it is working with a touch.

It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a type-c in the car or home. CarGlow™ is used freely without being plugged into a charging cable all the time. 

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Its lightweight and ultra-thin size makes the ergonomic design. This makes CarGlow™ a universal size for all the sun visors of cars such as SUVs, cars, trucks, sedans, etc.
SMART TOUCH DESIGN: It has two touch sensors, that enable to effortlessly adjust the brightness and lighting modes with a simple touch. This ensures a personalized lighting setting and full control over a desired ambiance easily. 

How To Use

We understand the frustrations when it comes to applying flawless makeup on the go. When you're running late for an important event and try to apply makeup in the car, poor lighting creates a struggle. However, a recent survey shows that using proper lighting in cars led to precise application, smooth blending, and accurate colors.  
CarGlow™ is the perfect solution to get an overall improved satisfaction with the appearance. CarGlow™ is a confidence booster that helps to experience the convenience and luxury of having a professional makeup setup in the car. Say goodbye to those frustrating makeup mishaps and hello to a new level of confidence and elegance, making every moment a beautiful one.


ITEM WEIGHT: 1.15 pounds


1x Makeup Mirror
1x Type-C charging cable


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