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CarFix™ - BUVAYE Car Jump Starter

CarFix™ - BUVAYE Car Jump Starter

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Very good product, You can do both the inflatable pump and emergency power, with the EVA package, which is very convenient to carry

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In a world where personal vehicles are more than just a mode of transport—they are an indispensable part of daily life—the challenges that accompany increased usage cannot be ignored. Dead batteries and deflated tires are not mere inconveniences; they are genuine emergencies that can leave individuals stranded and fraught with anxiety. The unexpected can occur anywhere, be it a deserted highway or an isolated parking lot, creating a sense of vulnerability and helplessness.

Introducing CarFix™, a groundbreaking, all-in-one solution designed to combat these very challenges. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this device not only jump-starts dead car batteries but also inflates deflated tires with its built-in air compressor. Transform emergency situations into manageable challenges and ensure a seamless, uninterrupted journey with CarFix™, the epitome of automotive peace of mind.


PEACE OF MIND: CarFix™ is equipped with a powerful battery capable of jump-starting a car multiple times in minutes. No longer will a dead battery leave anyone stranded and anxious in an unfamiliar place.

SPACE SAVINGS: With its integrated air compressor, CarFix™ eliminates the need for carrying multiple gadgets in a car. Experience the joy of extra space and a more organized vehicle.

QUICK SOLUTIONS: The high-powered air compressor in CarFix™ inflates tires within minutes. Enjoy the relief of solving car-related emergencies swiftly, getting back on the road in no time without waiting for external help

SAFETY FIRST: Built-in safety features in CarFix™ like short-circuit and overload protection ensure there's no trading one problem for another. Rest easy knowing that safety is a priority.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Immediate solutions for common car problems with CarFix™ reduce the need for expensive services. Save money by avoiding the costs of professional help.


We understand the feeling of turning the ignition key only to hear silence or the stress of hearing the hiss of a deflating tire. Imagine being late for an important meeting and discovering that your car won't start, or even worse, finding yourself stuck in a deserted area with no immediate help available. According to a recent study on average, about 70 million cars break down in the United States every year.

Introducing CarFix™,  the emergency solution for these vexing automotive setbacks. This innovative device is engineered to jump-start dead batteries and inflate deflated tires within minutes, all while ensuring safety with its built-in protection features. Elevate every journey from a series of unpredictable events to a smooth, uninterrupted voyage, thanks to the unparalleled reliability and convenience offered by this indispensable tool.


Output voltage: 12V
Battery capacity: 8400mAh
Battery type: lithium-ion battery
Peak current: 1300A
Scope of application: applicable to 12V, 4.0L gasoline vehicles
Applicable to 12V, 2.5L diesel vehicles


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