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BikeGuard™ - Bike Taillight & Anti-Theft Alarm

BikeGuard™ - Bike Taillight & Anti-Theft Alarm

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"My grandson brought this for my e-bike so other vehicles can see me on my bike. I must say I love the flashing light feature and alarm system it has. No more wondering if drivers know when I am making a turn. Very visible from a long distance. I do feel a little safer with this product. The alarm is loud and goes off easily if you touch the bike which is a great feature. No more wondering if someone has approached my e-bike"

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Caroline Barrett
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Bike theft is a prevalent issue nowadays, posing a significant problem for bike owners. Having a stolen bicycle can result in a significant financial burden & cause considerable inconvenience, which can disrupt daily routines & transportation plans. Dealing with a stolen bicycle can be highly inconvenient & frustrating due to the range of tasks & activities involved in the aftermath.

BikeGuard™ is a taillight & anti-theft device designed to provide security & peace of mind for bike owners. The alarm system works by detecting any vibrations or movements on the bike & setting off a loud alarm to alert the owner & deter thieves, the taillight is easily activated, ensuring bikers' visibility to other road users. Enjoy a stress-free biking experience & a greater sense of security knowing that the bike is protected.


LOUD ALARM: BikeGuard™ has a standout 113-decibel loud anti-theft alarm. The alarm effectively deters thieves and alerts to any potential theft attempts, giving peace of mind and added security for the bike.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: With a built-in rechargeable battery, BikeGuard™ offers a cordless experience. This eliminates the need for the constant replacement of disposable batteries, saving money & reducing waste.

SMART 5-IN-1 FEATURES: Featuring other impressive functions, BikeGuard™ includes an electric horn, anti-theft alarm, tail light, turn signals & auto brake light. This ensures safety when riding, especially for night riding.

WIRELESS REMOTE: BikeGuard™ Comes with a wireless rechargeable remote which clamps easily to a 0.78-0.94 inch handlebar. The remote allows the usage of turn signalsvarious light modes, horns and anti-theft alarm.

WATERPROOF DESIGN: Having a waterproof design is what distinguishes BikeGuard™. This ensures that the alarm system continues to function even in wet or rainy conditions.


We understand that feeling of vulnerability and frustration that comes with worrying about the safety of your bicycle. It can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially when you return to where you left your bike and find that it's no longer there. A recent study conducted by the National Bike Registry shows that, a bike is stolen every 30 seconds in the United States, and only a small percentage of those bikes are ever recovered.

BikeGuard™ is the perfect solution for protecting a bicycle from theft. Upon any attempt to interfere with the bike, it emits a loud 110db siren, alerting those nearby to the potential theft, Increasing the chances of keeping a bike safe. Gain a greater peace of mind and ride with confidence knowing that a beloved bicycle is secure and ensure that it's always safeguarded.


IP65 Waterproof, High & Low Temperature Resistance


1x BikeGuard™
1x Charging Cable
1x Remote Taillight
1x Mounting bracket


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